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Teachers Rock!

Teachers Rock

Teachers Rock!

It’s hard to believe another school year has come to an end. There’s anticipation in the air as summer begins and school work on the brain changes over to sun and fun. It is a busy time for sure, as graduation parties fill the calendar and summer plans begin to take shape. I remember as a parent, how busy it was keeping track of kids, school work and sports schedules. It was stressful; I can only imagine how the kids and the teachers felt. Speaking of teachers, the unsung heroes who help us parent’s shape our children to the adults they will become. They wear so many hats: surrogate parent, nurse, counselor, administrator, officiator and everything in-between.They wipe runny noses, deal with many children’s ever-changing moods and are on high alert for any classroom catastrophe. They seem to be super heroes with patience to boot and a smile on their face. I was always in awe of their adaptability to any situation, and the role they played in my children’s lives. It seems we can all name a teacher who stands out in our minds as the person who helped us find our way in life. So as the school year winds down, take a moment to thank those teachers who cared for your children and helped them navigate the trials and tribulations of another school year. Teaching, loving and inspiring them every step of the way. ♥

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Teachers Rock

It’s a Wrap! How to Tie Your Silk Ribbon Yoga Bracelet

It's a Wrap

How to Tie a Silk Ribbon Yoga Bracelet

At Sister Charm, we are always looking for ideas to create new pieces to add to our repertoire of jewelry that will inspire and create sparkle in those around us. Our latest addition comes from an awesome friend who embraces life and provides inspiration to all she comes into contact with on a daily basis. Thus, Sister Charm’s creative take on silk ribbon yoga bracelets was born. Each bracelet is made from hand dyed silk ribbon that is 42″ long and 1/2″ wide. Each ribbon has a variation of rich color that runs the whole length of the ribbon. The ribbon is adorned with a hand stamped blank in an inspiring word or phrase that can be personalized and customized for each order. Add some vintage beads and charms and you have a unique piece that is as beautiful as it is inspiring. No two bracelets look the same and any age can wear them which makes for great gifts for graduation, Mother’s Day, birthday, just because, etc.

So how do you wrap this beauty? We have found that it is very easy and after playing around a bit, you can cross the ribbon over like you are braiding it for a different look. Below is a quick way to master the traditional wrap:

*Step 1: Match both ends so that each side is equal in length. Your stamped blank should be in the center of the ribbon.
*Step 2: Center your blank and/or charms flat on your wrist and take one end and start to wrap it tightly around your wrist, overlapping the edges, not too tight that you cut off circulation but that it is snug. As you wrap, just move the ribbon down a bit so it doesn’t get so close to your hand.
*Step 3: When you come to the end of that piece tuck it in the ribbon under your wrist.
*Step 4: Take the other piece of ribbon and start wrapping the ribbon around the top of the blank going underneath it and continuing until you have a short piece that you can tuck it in under your wrist.

We found a video on YouTube that is very helpful. You really can’t make a mistake and it is a beautiful piece to wear. ♥

Well, that’s a wrap!