Here’s to a Happy New Year and New Beginnings

Hand Stamped Necklace

Inspirational Necklace by Sister Charm

Sitting here reflecting on this Christmas season, I can’t help but feel mixed emotions. There is a bit of sadness that dad wasn’t here for this blessed season, but then I know he was here present in the faces of my loved ones, in the Word at Christmas mass and the love within my heart. Then there is the feelings of excitement, anticipation, love, exhaustion and contentment. For my sister and I, it was also a season of new beginnings and many, many, blessings. We started Sister Charm because we love to spend time together and share our love of all things creative. We never expected the support we received from so many people. What a joy it was to create inspiring pieces of jewelry that many loved ones gave to their special someone.

We also created many new pieces of jewelry to sell at our local holiday boutique. One piece we made was a necklace that simply stated, I Am. When my sister suggested it, many accompanying words came to mind. Blessed, loved, inspired, courageous, a survivor, and the list went on and on. Finally, we decided to just simply say I Am and the person wearing it would hold true what it meant to them. Some say you would need to be a strong person to be able to wear such a bold statement, but we feel it is a piece that speaks to the wearer’s heart and gently reminds them they are who they are and there is nothing but opportunities to behold. How would you finish the statement I Am? Today, mine would say: I Am…Me. I know with a new year and many new beginnings, I will always be me; a work in progress, always learning, loving and a seeker of all life has to offer. And I am okay with that ♥

Happy New Year!

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