The Best Gift is the Joy the Giver Gets from Giving It

It’s been a crazy week at Sister Charm. Cindy had surgery on her foot and is under strict orders not to put any weight on it for two weeks and will be rocking the lovely boot cast for at least another six weeks more. Amy is busy with work and kids starting school. So in a nutshell, we got one down with a bad hoof and another meeting herself coming and going. Thankfully, Sister Charm gives us our mojo and is fun and rewarding. Since we have started selling our necklaces, we have loved creating pieces that will mean something special to others. We recently were asked to make two necklaces for a special mom and her daughter. They have had some serious health struggles and meet each day with faith and the grace to live their lives in the moment. What a joy to create their gifts. ♥

Forever In My Heart Necklace

Hand Stamped Inspiration Necklace

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