Jewelry Trivia

It’s Friday, so it seems like a good day to share some jewelry trivia!

Pearls were believed by the ancient Greeks to promote marital bliss and have been used by brides ever since.

Moulin Rouge Necklace
The most expensive piece of jewelry ever designed specifically for a movie was the necklace worn by Nicole Kidman in the musical Moulin Rouge. The $1 million creation was designed by Stefano Canturi of platinum and 1,308 diamonds with a combined total of 134 carats.

60 Miles of Gold
You can make a 60-mile wire out of a single ounce of gold.

Amethyst For The Drunkards
Amethyst is said to protect against drunkenness if worn as an amulet. Who knew!

The word necklace comes from the Latin word laqueus, which means ‘noose’. Yikes!

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II keeps her jewelry collection below Buckingham Palace in a special room roughly the size of an ice rink.

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