A Love Story

A Love Story

A Love Story

Era: the 50’s…boy meets girl. Love blooms ♥ Years later, and many dates and a stint in the military, marriage and a love story begins. This story belongs to my parents. It is a story that transcends throughout decades and millions of people to be sure, but this love story is the one our family lived. Throughout their marriage, there were four children that multiplied to ten grandchildren which multiplied to four and soon to be five great grandchildren, (my parent’s took their vows to be fruitful and multiply seriously and we all followed suit). There were many happy times, and many not so happy times as life is not all a bed of roses unless you are wearing rose colored glasses, but the constant that always remained was a deep love built on a base of friendship and trust that weathered many a storm and celebrated many a blessing. What an example of what life and love is for all of us to learn and live. What makes this story so beautiful, is the love that lives on after my father died. You see it in the eyes of my mom, the way her eyes shine when she talks about my dad or remembers a memory, and the sadness when she is feeling her loss. We all as a family experience the emotional roller coaster when you miss your loved one. For our family, it is our deep love for each other and our deep rooted faith that carries us forward on this journey we call life. Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! May we all be blessed with a love story as beautiful as yours ♥

Teachers Rock!

Teachers Rock

Teachers Rock!

It’s hard to believe another school year has come to an end. There’s anticipation in the air as summer begins and school work on the brain changes over to sun and fun. It is a busy time for sure, as graduation parties fill the calendar and summer plans begin to take shape. I remember as a parent, how busy it was keeping track of kids, school work and sports schedules. It was stressful; I can only imagine how the kids and the teachers felt. Speaking of teachers, the unsung heroes who help us parent’s shape our children to the adults they will become. They wear so many hats: surrogate parent, nurse, counselor, administrator, officiator and everything in-between.They wipe runny noses, deal with many children’s ever-changing moods and are on high alert for any classroom catastrophe. They seem to be super heroes with patience to boot and a smile on their face. I was always in awe of their adaptability to any situation, and the role they played in my children’s lives. It seems we can all name a teacher who stands out in our minds as the person who helped us find our way in life. So as the school year winds down, take a moment to thank those teachers who cared for your children and helped them navigate the trials and tribulations of another school year. Teaching, loving and inspiring them every step of the way. ♥

Teach Love Inspire

Teachers Rock

It’s a Wrap! How to Tie Your Silk Ribbon Yoga Bracelet

It's a Wrap

How to Tie a Silk Ribbon Yoga Bracelet

At Sister Charm, we are always looking for ideas to create new pieces to add to our repertoire of jewelry that will inspire and create sparkle in those around us. Our latest addition comes from an awesome friend who embraces life and provides inspiration to all she comes into contact with on a daily basis. Thus, Sister Charm’s creative take on silk ribbon yoga bracelets was born. Each bracelet is made from hand dyed silk ribbon that is 42″ long and 1/2″ wide. Each ribbon has a variation of rich color that runs the whole length of the ribbon. The ribbon is adorned with a hand stamped blank in an inspiring word or phrase that can be personalized and customized for each order. Add some vintage beads and charms and you have a unique piece that is as beautiful as it is inspiring. No two bracelets look the same and any age can wear them which makes for great gifts for graduation, Mother’s Day, birthday, just because, etc.

So how do you wrap this beauty? We have found that it is very easy and after playing around a bit, you can cross the ribbon over like you are braiding it for a different look. Below is a quick way to master the traditional wrap:

*Step 1: Match both ends so that each side is equal in length. Your stamped blank should be in the center of the ribbon.
*Step 2: Center your blank and/or charms flat on your wrist and take one end and start to wrap it tightly around your wrist, overlapping the edges, not too tight that you cut off circulation but that it is snug. As you wrap, just move the ribbon down a bit so it doesn’t get so close to your hand.
*Step 3: When you come to the end of that piece tuck it in the ribbon under your wrist.
*Step 4: Take the other piece of ribbon and start wrapping the ribbon around the top of the blank going underneath it and continuing until you have a short piece that you can tuck it in under your wrist.

We found a video on YouTube that is very helpful. You really can’t make a mistake and it is a beautiful piece to wear. ♥

Well, that’s a wrap!

Find Joy in the Journey

Personalized Cuff Bracelet

Personalized Cuff Bracelet

After a long Minnesota winter, Spring has arrived. Although, a true Minnesotan will still keep their snow brush/scraper in their car until at least May! Since we started
Sister Charm, we have had the opportunity to create some beautiful keepsakes for people to give their loved ones and friends. Whether it was for a joyous occasion or remembering the loss of a loved one, it is an honor to be chosen to make that special gift. Such is the case with this new bracelet. Quite often we are asked how we come up with the designs or the words that we use in our jewelry, and to be honest, everyday life provides the ideas behind our creativity. As we wrote in a previous post, we lost our father this past October, and through the deep sadness and grief that seems to still be a fresh reminder each day, we have also learned to embrace each new day as a gift. Life can take many turns, some unexpected, some happy, some sad, but the real lesson is to chart each day with gratitude, hope, love and let go of worry and for me, my tendency to be impatient and not live in the moment. So with the dawn of a new Spring, let us all find joy in the journey. ♥
Happy Spring!

Love is in the Air

Valentine's Day Image

Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year; Valentine’s Day. That magical holiday where thousands of dollars are spent on flowers, chocolates, cards and our favorite, JEWELRY! Like its predecessor, Christmas, Valentine’s Day can also be a bit stressful and extremely expensive. So how did we come to celebrate this holiday of love?
History says it all started with a saint called Valentine. The internet is full of stories about how this particular saint became known as the patron saint of lovers, it involves persecution and executions so for this post we are going to leave it at that and turn our attention to the more frivolous facts about Valentine’s Day. Besides, for all of the stories stemming from the religious realm and St. Valentine, there are also many stories expounding on the mythical adventures of Cupid, god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection. And for sure, this post isn’t going there!

Did You Know?

Approximately 150 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually, making Valentine’s Day the second most popular card-sending holiday after Christmas. *

More than 40,000 Americans are employed at chocolate companies. *

In addition to the U.S., Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Denmark, Italy and Japan. *

It’s not a stretch to say everyone from young children to young at heart is someone’s special valentine. As this season of love is all around us, take the time to let that special someone(s) know how much they mean to you. After all, love is in the air!

*Courtesy of History.com

Hand Stamped Necklaces

Hand Stamped Valentine’s Day Necklaces

Here’s to a Happy New Year and New Beginnings

Hand Stamped Necklace

Inspirational Necklace by Sister Charm

Sitting here reflecting on this Christmas season, I can’t help but feel mixed emotions. There is a bit of sadness that dad wasn’t here for this blessed season, but then I know he was here present in the faces of my loved ones, in the Word at Christmas mass and the love within my heart. Then there is the feelings of excitement, anticipation, love, exhaustion and contentment. For my sister and I, it was also a season of new beginnings and many, many, blessings. We started Sister Charm because we love to spend time together and share our love of all things creative. We never expected the support we received from so many people. What a joy it was to create inspiring pieces of jewelry that many loved ones gave to their special someone.

We also created many new pieces of jewelry to sell at our local holiday boutique. One piece we made was a necklace that simply stated, I Am. When my sister suggested it, many accompanying words came to mind. Blessed, loved, inspired, courageous, a survivor, and the list went on and on. Finally, we decided to just simply say I Am and the person wearing it would hold true what it meant to them. Some say you would need to be a strong person to be able to wear such a bold statement, but we feel it is a piece that speaks to the wearer’s heart and gently reminds them they are who they are and there is nothing but opportunities to behold. How would you finish the statement I Am? Today, mine would say: I Am…Me. I know with a new year and many new beginnings, I will always be me; a work in progress, always learning, loving and a seeker of all life has to offer. And I am okay with that ♥

Happy New Year!

Countdown to Christmas

Well one quick glance at the calendar and you can’t help but feel your heart race a bit…it’s crunch time; only T-minus 14 days until Christmas. Yikes! With gifts to buy, parties to attend and most likely a busy time at work, it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Not to fear! The elves at Sister Charm have beautiful gifts that can be personalized and still make it under your tree in time for Christmas. We have beautiful vintage inspired earrings, bracelets and of course, our hand stamped necklaces. Stop. Take a deep breath. Get a coffee and sit down and checkout our Facebook page or click on the Shop tab above and see all of the new pieces we have designed specifically for the Christmas season. Need something special? No worries, send us a message and we will be happy to help you out. Now take a minute to let the blessing of the Christmas season fill your heart ♥

From our homes to yours,
Merry Christmas

Hand stamped heart necklace

Hand stamped Love necklace

All I Want For Christmas Is…

All I Want For Christmas

All I Want For Christmas

The turkey is barely cold and the search for the perfect Christmas gifts is in full swing. The Sister Charm elves have been busy creating lots of goodies to help you give a personalized gift to the one you love. We are so excited to be included in the Cozy Christmas Holiday Boutique in our hometown of Red Wing, MN. We have created over 100 personalized, one-of-a kind necklaces, earrings, bracelets and even bling for your tree! It is such a joy to create each piece knowing it is going to be given to someone special.

When we started Sister Charm, we never imagined how blessed we would be for all of the support we have received for our special pieces. We were so honored when a fellow blogger, A Cookie Before Dinner asked us if she could include one of our necklaces in her holiday gift guide. The new guide is on her post and you can click here to see it. NJ has some great ideas and her blog is one of our favorites!

During the busy hustle and bustle of the holiday season, take time for yourself and let the blessing of the season fill your heart and may you and your loved ones have a Merry Christmas!


Hand Stamped Blessed Necklace

Dad – Always in Our Hearts

Memory Necklace Dad

On October 27th our father died suddenly. One minute we were planning our day, and the next we were racing to the hospital to meet the helicopter transporting dad. There are no words to describe the overwhelming loss our family feels. We have been so blessed to have had a dad that loved us, believed in us and was always there for us. We live in a community that came out in large numbers to honor dad and to support our family. Our dad had a deep faith and in our grief we take great comfort in that and know we have a special angel watching over us every day. Our mom, and our brothers and all of our families will carry on the legacy dad left us and try to make a difference in this thing we call life.

Dad – You have our whole heart, for our whole life.
Love you!

There’s a Chill in the Air – Soup’s On

Fall Colors - Sugar MapleThere’s a chill in the air…and all of a sudden we’re craving soup and anything that comes out of a crockpot! When fall and winter arrive, nothing beats the cold like a good bowl of chili or soup. Here are two of our favorite recipes: Crockpot Chicken Chili and Homemade Vegetable Beef Soup. If you have a favorite recipe, be sure to add it to our comments or our Facebook page!

Crockpot Chicken Chili
Here is an awesome recipe for a chicken chili that is a perfect fall dish. We are talking a bonafide game changer here folks! This recipe is so easy; you add all of the ingredients into your crockpot and set it on high for six-seven hours and ENJOY!
• 1 onion, chopped
• 1 16-oz can kidney beans – drained
• 1 16-oz can black beans – drained
• 1 8-oz can tomato sauce + ½ can of water
• 2 14.5-oz cans diced tomatoes
• 1 small can mild diced green chilies
• 1 packet taco seasoning
• 10 oz package frozen kernel corn
• 2 tbsp. cumin
• 2 tbsp. chili powder
• 1 tbsp. Mrs. Dash – original
• 1 – bag frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts
• 1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro – optional garnish

Combine by layering onion, beans, diced green chilies, tomato sauce, frozen corn, cumin, chili powder and taco seasoning in a slow cooker. Place chicken on top, sprinkle with Mrs. Dash and cover. Cook on high for 6-7 hours or on low for 10 hours. 30 minutes before serving, remove chicken and shred. Return chicken to slow cooker and stir in. Top with fresh cilantro. Serve with chopped green onions, shredded cheddar cheese and sour cream!

Tasty Tip: Dip your tortilla chips in the chili…
P.S. This freezes really well!

Vegetable Beef Soup
2 pounds of beef stew meat (You can also substitute 2lbs. 93% lean hamburger)
Onion copped
2 – Large (15 oz.) cans of stewed tomatoes
1 – Large (8 oz.) can of tomato sauce
1 – Small tomato paste
12 – 16 Cups of Water
Frozen corn
Carrots (fresh or frozen)
Frozen green beans
1/3 C. Barley
Mrs. Dash
Beef Bouillon (2 cubes or 2 tbsp.)
Pepper to taste
1 – 2 tbsp. Salt to taste
2 – Garlic Cloves chopped (can use minced)
2 – Bay Leaves
2 – Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce

*Brown stew meat with chopped onions (I always sprinkle some Mrs. Dash seasoning on meat while it browns)
*add meat to large saucepan of water
*add all of the tomato ingredients to water & meat (I usually put the stewed tomatoes in the blender for a quick pulse)
*Add about ½ bag of frozen corn
*Add ½ bag frozen cut green beans
* Add about 2 cups chopped carrots
* Add barley and spices + Worcestershire sauce
Simmer on low on stove all day!!

Tip: Make some fresh bread in the bread maker or corn muffins!
P.S. Tastes even better reheated!